Pure, fresh fruit

Predominantly Italian Fruit, blended with water, sugar and (for cartain flavours), natural colorings such as beta-carotene.

No added nasties

No freeze-dried ingredients, no added additives, no preservatives.

Artisanal product

Prepared according to tradition.

Only 90 Kcal per 100 g

Refreshing, thirst-quenching and low-calorie.

Quality processing guaranteed

in compliance with HCCP standards.

  • High quality

    Natural, artisanal, low calorie, nutritious, rich in vitamins.

  • 13 Flavours

    Cherry, Watermelon, Coconut, Coccotella (Coconut and Nutella), Strawberry, Strawberry And Lemon, Forest Fruits, Lemon, Mango, Melon, Mint, Passion Fruit and Peach.

  • Vegan and Gluten free

    All flavours are 100% Gluten free and Vegan (excluding Coccotella)

  • The Snack of the Summer!

    Thirst-quenching and refreshing

  • Made with the finest fruit…

    even out of season

  • Original packaging

    signed by the artist Bob Marongiu

With the semi-worked pulp from GranitaFun you can offer your cliens the authentic taste of fresh fruit whilst using your own slush machine.

All you need to do is add water and you’ll have a super tasty, super fresh product!

After the visit of our representative, you will recieve sealed aluminum bags of the semi-worked product in varying weights from 2 kg to 2.2 kg depending on flavour. These will prodece 4.5 kg of granita, that’s around 30 portions!

Enter the world of Granita Fun®! Save money with little effort!

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Forest fruits • Banana


Strawberry • Banana


Passion Fruit • Pineapple • Mango • Papaya


Coconut • Pineapple • Banana


Raspberry • Pear • Banana


Strawberry • Banana • Mango • Cherry


Raspberry • Fig • Pear


Melon • Strawberry • Mango • Lemon


Peach • Pineapple • Strawberry • Ginger

Premeasured Bags

Maximum convenience

  • High quality

    Just fruit with no added extras

  • 9 Recipes

    Energetic, Vitamin-rich, Exotic, Tropical, Revitalizing, Purifying, Relaxing, Refreshing and Thirst-quenching

  • Zero waste

    Single portion confections of sliced fruit ready to be blended

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The Granitafun quality belongs to the Eccellenze Italiane Network!

Do you have the means to store and distribute ice-creams or frozen goods? This is the place for you!

We are referring to those who have the means to store and distribute ice-creams or frozen goods to their clients, potential users of GRANITAFUN products and also:

  • Bar
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Parks
  • Swimming pools

You can enrich you product catalogue with our refreshing, summery products! Our package for you includes not only the supply of granita but also all of the marketing equipment:

  • For bars or kiosks: a GRANITAFUN branded freezer personalised by Bob Marongiu;
  • or use on the beach or by the pool: carts.

We are capable of delivering our products to you on a weekly basis, whichever products you need and to wherever your storage unit is in Italy. Get in touch!

We are looking for representatives all around Italy to develope our business alongside you.

Contact us for an interview in order to work together on a plan for the best strategies to adopt for your area.

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Do you have a business and want to offer your clients a product which is new, artisanal, but at the low cost of mass-made product?

Choose Granitafun!

Depending on your needs you can choose between::
a finished product, made and packaged in our establishment, with specialized staff and machinery that meet all standard hygiene and quality requirements;
preparared ingredients for your slush machine that has all the same characteristics of an artisanal product made in a gelateria.
We will supply you with our products and we will also privide a freezer to use, free of change!
What are you waiting for? Ask us how you can become one of our retailers!

How would you like to spend a summer doing something different, working on the beach and living with other young people?

If you’re young, dynamic and eager to work,

you’re just the person we’re looking for!

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